Healthy Food

Healthy nursery food in Redwick from Appletree Day Nursery

Our dedicated cook provides the children with wholesome daily fresh meals with vegetables and fruit being a priority. She caters for each child individually taking into account any special dietary needs, even down to the size of meal each child prefers. All of our fruit and veg is bought from a local market and the meat is from the UK. The menu is displayed weekly in the hallway on the noticeboard.
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Some typical meals we provide are:

•  Fish in parsley sauce
•  Mild chicken curry and rice
•  Roast chicken dinner
•  Tuna pasta bake
•  Beef goulash and rice
•  Fish pie and veg
•  Chicken casserole
fruits and vegetables
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The various vegetables we use include:

•  Carrots
•  Peas
•  Cabbage
•  Parsnips
•  Onions
•  Broccoli
•  Peppers
•  Cauliflower
•  Swede
In addition to lunch and high tea the children have healthy snacks in the afternoon of strawberries, melon, grapes, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, rice cakes and breadsticks with a choice of water or milk provided by a local farm.
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